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Memorial Day MLB Rankings Who’s on Top and Where to Watch

As we gear up for Memorial Day, it’s time to ask the big question: which 2024 Major League Baseball teams are truly elite? Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty exclusive club. We’ve got a few hopeless teams, some underachievers, a sea of mediocrity, a handful of good contenders, and then, finally, our upper-tier heavyweights.

To make it into the top tier, a team must have looked fantastic so far and show strong potential to keep that momentum. It’s still early in the season, but these teams feel like solid bets for the playoffs. I’ve pinpointed five teams that meet this lofty criterion.

Phillies: The Top Dogs

First up, the Phillies, who currently boast the best record in baseball. They’re on an absolute tear, winning 26 of their last 32 games. They were my preseason pick for the World Series, and they’ve more than lived up to that hype.

Orioles: AL Champs in the Making

Next, my pick for AL champion, the Orioles, have been consistently impressive all season. They’ve earned their spot in the upper tier and show no signs of slowing down.

Yankees: Powerhouse Reloaded

The Yankees are back in form, posting a 14-3 record this month. They’ve been playing stellar baseball since the season began. Aaron Judge is smashing it, forming a terrifying lineup duo with Juan Soto. And they’ve achieved all this without Gerrit Cole, who’s on the mend from an elbow injury.

Dodgers and Braves: Preseason Favorites Delivering

The Dodgers and Braves round out the top tier. Both teams were preseason favorites and have maintained a high win rate despite dealing with rotation injuries. The Braves are managing without Spencer Strider, yet still look playoff-bound.

The Cutoff Point

That’s where I draw the line. Fans of the Guardians, Royals, Brewers, and others might argue their teams belong in the top tier, but I see a drop-off after these five. The Guardians have shown flashes of brilliance, but their recent 13-11 record suggests they might not sustain their early-season pace.

The Wild Card Factor

But hey, the beauty of baseball is its unpredictability. Remember, the Rangers and Diamondbacks weren’t in the top tier last year, yet they faced off in the World Series. With the current playoff format, it’s anyone’s game come October. We could just as easily see a Guardians vs. Brewers showdown as a Dodgers vs. Yankees battle.

And that unpredictability? That’s what makes baseball so thrilling.

Rankings Reminder

Now, let’s rank them. Keep in mind, these rankings are a weekly snapshot. If your team is on a hot streak and then hits a slump, don’t flood my social media with complaints. This isn’t a set of predictions; it’s a snapshot in time.

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