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Tis this season for black bear

I hope this message finds you well and immersed in the enchanting spirit of the season. As we navigate through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we find ourselves yearning for moments of connection and warmth. With this sentiment in mind, we are delighted to extend a personal invitation to join us for an intimate holiday gathering at the exquisite haven known as Black Bear. 

This charming establishment has been adorned with tasteful holiday fun that evokes a sense of timeless memories and festive joy. From the moment you step inside, the cozy ambiance envelops you like a familiar embrace, setting the stage for an evening of shared laughter and meaningful conversations. 

The choice of Black Bear is a unique blend of sophistication and whimsy, creating an environment that feels both refined and welcoming. The bar itself is a masterpiece, a testament to greatness with the bustling of crowds and glistening smiles on faces across the venue, only a site you must endure yourself 

Our soirée will unfold in an exclusive space, carefully curated to provide an intimate setting for our celebration. Picture perfect seating, adorned with holiday-themed atmosphere, creating a feeling that encourages relaxation and connection. The venue is a delightful backdrop to conversations and shared moments.. 

I sincerely hope you can join me for this special occasion, as we raise our glasses to the beauty of the season and the joy of shared moments with cherished friends. Let us revel in the magic of the holidays together at Black Bear. 

Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 12PM to 12AM 
Wednesday – 12PM to 12:30AM
Thursday – 12PM to 1AM
Friday & Saturday – 12PM to 3AM
Sunday – 12PM to 2AM
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